Server Caning

Once every few weeks I have a very naughty boy who comes for corporal punishment. It’s 1 of my favorite things to do & I feel caning is always the most appropriate form of correctional punishment. Naughty boy B arrived for his detention, he was called into the Head Mistresses office for not doing his homework & I certainly was in no mood for excuses. His self pity & trying to worm his way out of it only made me even more angry & cross. This silly boy just does not learn! I ordered him to take his trousers down and bend over my desk. “Get that bottom up boy, head right down & present that bottom for your punishment”. It had gone way past the point of talking it through or been nice! It was a cold hard, very server caning of 84 strokes with the schooling cane. He was all sorry then & sent on his way! Lets see how long that lasts before he is back in my office presenting that bottom to me again. Hmm 1 does wonder!

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