Double Domme Debauchery

I arrived at Mistress Helena’s chambers early so we could get ready together. We tried on a couple of sexy outfits with our shiny thigh high boots. Complimenting each other & helping each other pick an outfit for our first session. Mistress Helena picked a stunning white lace & satin body. It was all strapy with a thong & she wore her black shiny thigh high boots! Wow the white and black contrast with her sexy tan got me going straight away before our slave even arrived! I wore a beautiful black satin body with lace around the bust and bottom. The Bottom is styled like french knickers & curves around the bum cheeks, accentuating my perfect round bottom! I wore close fishnet tights with thigh high shiny red boots. We was ready early waiting eagerly for our “boots boy” to arrive.

“Boots boy” arrived with a bottle of champagne. We had him striped naked & knelt before us both as we all chatted & giggled with a glass of champagne. I could see him looking at our shiny boots, every crossing & uncrossing of the legs, tapping of the heels. We could tell it was getting him all excited, which just made us do it all the more! Me & Mistress Hell moved closer together, I could feel the heat of her sexy thighs touching mine, we told “boots boy” to come a little closer to our boots. “touch them” we said, “go on don’t be shy, get that tongue of yours all over those boots” He had his face in the middle of both our boots as we sat relaxing & watching him worship our gorgeous boots, swapping back & forth between us like an excited puppy. Mistress Hell reached for the poppers as I pushed him up with my boot. She fed him some of the poppers & we ordered him to open his mouth & show us his tongue, we both rubbed the souls of our dirty boots up & down his tongue. It looked dry & dirty! We both lent forward & spat into his mouth before fucking his throat with our big 6inch shiny heels.

We dragged “boots boy” up & pushed him onto the bed! Mistress Hell got a plastic bag & put a cotton pad full of poppers into it. We bagged him & held it tight around his neck while we both lent over him looking into his intoxicated eyes. We laughed as he struggled for air in his drug filled bag. We kept teasing him, lifting the bag ever so slightly & letting in a minuscule bit of air as he gasped deeply! The whole time we was teasing & tormenting him with our thigh high boots, the shiny boots rubbed so silkily over his perverse body. As we lay either side of him we ran our nails up & down him, teasing him as we both spat at his cock till it was dripping. We placed our boot clad foot either side of his hard wet cock & jerked him, he lay in the middle pinned down by our thighs as we boot fucked his balls empty.

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