About Me

Creative BDSM

I'm a curvaceous Temptress who doesn't need to scream and shout to get what I want from my slaves and submissives although if I'm feeling that way inclined, I will!

My sessions have a natural propensity for sensual, strict and seductive prowess, accompanied by my wickedly devilish laugh.

A mix of charming enchantress and stunning beauty you will be squirming and begging to satisfy all my debauched desires.

I have fully embraced and relished in my desire to Dominate within my personal life as well as professional for many years, so you can rest assured you are in very capable hands. Our desire for BDSM & alternative kink never goes away so embrace yours, let it grow and let us embark on your journey together. My sessions are centred around the first rule of BDSM SSC safe, sane & consensual. Every session is tailored to each clients individual requirements.

I acquired my professional skills over 10 years. I ventured on my own after 3 years training with a professional well known Domme who had over 25 years experience. Many years on, I’m now the very proud proprietor of The Yorkshire Fetish Box, A well equipped Dungeon located in a very private setting in the centre of Halifax.

Experience has taught me a lot skills & knowledge, learnt about myself, about BDSM & alternative kink, its also taught me about time wasters & I do not suffer these fools easily!

I’m very particular about what I want from my slaves & submissives. I have a big enough client base that I can be particular about whom I chose to session with. When applying to serve me, make sure you have read my website in its entirety before hand, know that you must pay a deposit payable only via bank transfer.

I like good manners, be patient in my reply, do not ask for something I have already listed as not offering, give as much information as possible about your likes and dislikes, If you do not approach me in the correct manner you will be ignored & do not bother to contact me again.

First time sessions are by advanced booking only, after that you are welcome to try on the day but be mindful I get booked up very quickly so the best way to guarantee a session with me is by advanced booking.