Mistress Eliza-Lou


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My subgirl day with Mistress Raven

Wow…where to start! I arrived at Mistress Ravens studio very nervous as anyone who is aware of her work will understand why! She means business & i’ve never seen caning like it. For those of you who are not aware I highly recommend checking out her website¬†

I was bowled over by how astonishing her studio is. It’s so luxurious with so many stupendous areas for photography & play. It’s very spacious & well thought out in design, absolutely breathtaking just like Mistress Raven herself.

Straight away she made me feel at ease & relaxed as we chatted about the clips we was going to film & outfits we would both wear. Every now & then an innuendo was made & I could see Mistress Ravens eyes light up & a sadistic smile across her face! From a submissive point of view it was the perfect balance to helping me relax but still have that fear of what was to come.

Excitedly we got into our outfits for our first scene. As I was subbing I wore more soft satin, slutty material. While Mistress Raven wore latex & thigh high boots. In contrast to each other my outfit was white & red, Mistress wore red & black. She took me in hand & seduced whilst I was restrained…she certainly knows what sluts need & how to work that magic wand!

Scene 2 was the type of invasive internal examination all slutty girls needs! Strapped into Nurse Ravens gynecology chair with my legs spread wide open tied into the stirrups. The latex clad nurse was very thorough in her examination, she definitely got as deep as she could with that strapon. Have you ever had an orgasm during a medical examination?

Scene 3 a very traditional OTK spanking. Reprimand by Auntie Raven in my school uniform. My bottom was red raw by the time she had finished with me! My backchat didn’t help, my cheek certainly gets me into trouble sometimes!

Scene 4 I was right to be nervous…I’ve been caned by a few Professionals in the BDSM community but Holy Shit! When the first stroke landed on my big round bare bottom I’ve never felt anything like it! Mistress Raven was merciless in every stroke she delivered. And I expected nothing less from such a fine exemplary dominant Lady.

We had such a wonderful day & made some very filthy content which will be available to purchase soon! Keep your eyes peeled for previews on twitter or avnstars. Also be sure to checkout Mistress Raven I personally can highly recommend her from a submissive point of view & she already has some fabulous content available to purchase. We also have another filming date arranged…Hmm I wonder what she has in store for me next time???


Thursday 30/1/20 Pampered Princess

As Thursday was quiet in the dungeon Mistress took the opportunity to have a pamper. I headed to the nail bar for a fresh set of claws. Pink & white ombre, coffin shaped & all sharp ready to tease my slaves. I love getting my subjects tied & blindfold, then taking my nails to their vulnerable body. Running my nails gently over every inch, them not knowing where its coming next. I’ve been told on many occasions that I have a magic touch & my touch is amazing.

I had my tiny toes pained white, they look so stunning next to my bronzed skin. My feet are every inch just as perfect as my magic touch, so soft & silky. They 2 glide perfectly over your exposed body. Teasing & caressing, luring you into subspace before the temperature really heats up!

You can find FREE pictures of my pretty nails and toes on my AVNstars account. Its free to join & has some free content for your perusal follow the link to my profile.