Mistress Eliza-Lou


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Server Caning

Once every few weeks I have a very naughty boy who comes for corporal punishment. It’s 1 of my favorite things to do & I feel caning is always the most appropriate form of correctional punishment. Naughty boy B arrived for his detention, he was called into the Head Mistresses office for not doing his homework & I certainly was in no mood for excuses. His self pity & trying to worm his way out of it only made me even more angry & cross. This silly boy just does not learn! I ordered him to take his trousers down and bend over my desk. “Get that bottom up boy, head right down & present that bottom for your punishment”. It had gone way past the point of talking it through or been nice! It was a cold hard, very server caning of 84 strokes with the schooling cane. He was all sorry then & sent on his way! Lets see how long that lasts before he is back in my office presenting that bottom to me again. Hmm 1 does wonder!

Sensual Bum Fun

What better way to start the week than with some sensual bum fun. My slave H has been coming to see me for around 5-6 years. He enjoys more sensual play than harsh Bitch. He arrived to me opening the door stocking clad, shiny black platform heels and a frilly white blouse tied at the middle as opposed to buttoned up, strapon cock in full view, tight around my waist. I had the poppers at the ready in my blouse pocket, as he sat down I placed them under his nose & told him “sniff” It was like I could see the stress just leaving his body, feeling relaxed and calm. I ordered him to strip! I stood & watched on as he placed his belongings on the chair, wafting the poppers in front of him to keep him high and feverish! Much to my excitement, Mistresses play toy was ready! I got him strapped up in my sex sling, blindfold & cock tied. I walked around him, gently running my nails up & down his body, him not knowing where I was going to touch him next, each touch caused him to whimper & moan. My shiny black high heels clicking & clacking as I walk across the floor, I grabbed my soft red latex whip & walked back over to my subject, with each step I could sense the tension getting stronger as I got closer. I tenderly ran the whip across his body, back & forth. Getting ever so close to the cock & balls but ever so careful not to touch…Mistress is such a tease when the mood takes me!

I lent over & ran my pretty long finer nails across his nipples before giving them a squeeze, as he squealed & started rocking on the swing my strapon cock pressed against his hungry hole. I clamped his nipples ever so gently with my soft clips & feed his some more poppers. As the poppers took hold i ran my hands around the inside of his thighs. Again going so close to his fuck hole but not touching it. In my many years of experience, its never good to go straight in for the kill. Teasing always gets that hole gaping much wider for me to enjoy it to its full potential. As I massaged his inner thighs, I opened my mouth and let the spit slowly drip from my lips all down his man cunt. I love to see a guy dribbling with Mistresses mouth muck. He was squirming around and his hole was throbbing, only short of begging for it, I knew he was desperate to be filled!  I stuffed my cock up his fuck hole. I screwed him deep but slow, tweaking his nipple clamps, then screwing his cock with my hand as I pounded him. I gave him 1 last big sniff of poppers ready to extract all that built up cum….Mistress does love a happy ending.

Thursday 23/1/20 Double Domme with Mistress Helena at the Huddersfield Chambers

My beautiful friend is back from her holiday looking as fabulous as ever all tanned & refreshed. And oh my goodness I have missed her! We always have so much fun in & out of sessions. We are available together on Thursdays 23/1/20 at Mistress Helena’s amazing chambers in Huddersfield. We already have a 2 hour, thigh high boot fetish boy booked in & we wasted no time what so ever in plotting and scheming in detail exactly what we are going to do with “boots boy” when he arrives. We have so fun in store for this 1!

Imagine if it was you & your fetish we was plotting and scheming about, does that make you twitch just at the thought of it? Two highly skilled Sexy Elite Mistresses deciding your fate? You need to book a session immediately! I guarantee you will Not be disappointed!

Call or email Myself or Mistress Helena to book. Deposit required

Mistress Eliza 07474700059

Mistress Helena 07557516183