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Dont Be Fooled! This IS NOT Mistress Eliza Lou

This account is NOT Mistress Eliza Lou, if you are on twitter please block and report this account! This person is using my pictures/content to scam people in the name of findom…which btw I DO NOT cater for. Other than money, I personally dont get anything from findom! If its from 1 of my slaves thats different, as i have a genuine connection with them and session along side any tribute or gift. I have nothing against people who enjoy findom, just personally its not for me. & as ive come to learn it certainly opens up a whole lot of opportunity for people to be scammed! So unfortunately i am going to have to start watermarking my content with my website & phone number….so whom ever this con artist is…thankyou for the free promotion. Please dont be fooled, do your research on a Domme before parting with any cash. A professional Dominatrix will have a website, links to Domme Directories. Not just a few pictures on social media. Always do your homework

Merry Mistress Special Kinkmas Offer

Yorkshire Mistress
Mistress Eliza Lou loves a very Merry Kinkmas. From the 21st of December until the 5th of January i have a very special offer on sessions. Contact me for more details