Sissy Simone

Sissy Simone Testimonial

Sissy Simone has been coming to see me since 2012 & she was more than happy to oblige when I asked her to write an anonymous testimonial. We have had the most epic journey together. From parties, pamper nights, sharing secrets, session fun, we really did become the best of friends! Can honestly say I have loved every second of it. Sissy Simone started out when I was only 12 months into been professional so we have grown together. I’d also like to take the time to thank her for such fun & frolics, it has been an absolute pleasure to have you serve me as a Mistress & the time we have spent together as girlfriends.

I have known Mistress Eliza Lou for a number of years. I am honored to have the pleasure of serving her. She is stunning & beautiful, just the right intense mix of sadistic, controlling & dominant that means you just cant get enough. She will allow you to grow into the sub or sissy you ultimately crave & is truly exceptional in the world of Pro-Domme’s. Mistress Eliza Lou loves what she does & this shines through in how she carries out her control and dominace. No matter if you are just starting out your journey in BDSM or if you are an experienced sub looking for a Mistress. I cannot recommend Mistress Eliza Lou enough.

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