Dog Food Boy Testimonial

I have known and been serving Mistress Eliza Lou for around 6 years now and have  probably visited her in excess of 40 times. I can honestly say that I have never or will never feel the need to see another Domme as long as Mistress allows me the honor of serving her.
Previously I visited several pro Dommes but I never seemed to come away fulfilled I often thought that it was “acted” or “fake, that all changed the day I walked into Mistress Eliza Lous chambers.

I was a total novice sub and mainly into feet and shoes (Mistress has the most beautiful feet by the way) I was shy and absolutely terrified.
Mistress put me at ease instantly and we chatted about my kinks/limits etc.
Within minutes I was on my knees kissing the ground that Mistress had walked on crawling to her thrown , I was then used as an ashtray and got to worship Mistresses shoes and perfect feet. I was literally blown away I loved it.
Mistress is genuinely into the lifestyle and I can tell she gets as much out of sessions as I do it’s 100% not just a job to her.
We have done so many different things over the years, things I never thought I would do or like.
Mistress doesn’t just have me kissing her feet for an hour as that’s what I’m “into” like some Dom’s would.
She has experimented and tired new things with me and I can honestly say I’ve loved every minute, I’ve never been bored or not enjoyed a session.
Mistress has always respected my limits , although she likes the tease and push my boundaries with it ha ha 🍑.

The most important thing for me discretion and Both Mistress and the premises always make me feel safe and at ease.
Mistress is down to earth and I now consider her a friend and well as a Mistress. We have had some amazing times together and I’m hoping that continues so that we can enjoy many more.

Finally Mistress is genuinely Beautiful, both inside and out, stunning looking and amazing personality.
DO NOT be fooled tho, Mistress knows her place and will have no issues putting slaves/subs in theirs.

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