Exciting News

Myself & a couple of other Ladies in the industry will be teaming up to bring you the most naughty content that you have ever seen! So exciting that I have even purchased some new filming equipment so you, the viewer can have the very best view. Filming will take place in September & the content will be available on our OnlyFans, this content really is not to be missed! My Onlyfans already has nearly 500 picture sets & clips available to view & enjoy. I post a lot of my art nude modelling pictures on there, worship clips & general very naughty content.  Clip the link & subscribe to start enjoying Now!

Fun at The Yorkshire Fetish Box with Miss Harley Lust

Fetish Roleplay Fun at The Yorkshire Fetish Box
Mistress Eliza Lou & Miss Harley Lust teach naughty school boy a lesson. A roleplay combination of Head Mistress, Miss Harley Lust as teacher and a very naughty perverted school boy who has been sent to my office for reprimanding. Our session began with Miss Harley bringing her pupil to my office to tell me what had been going on in class, school boy N had been perving on Miss Lust in lesson, looking up her skirt and trying to catch a glimpse down her blouse at her big breasts. School boy N was in a lot of trouble! He was made to take down his trousers and bend over the school desk. Myself (Head Mistress) and (Teacher( Miss Lust) spanked his bottom until it was red raw! School boy N still didn’t seem to understand the severity of his vile behavior, so we took a long thin schooling cane to his bare red bottom! School boy N soon understood the error of his perverted ways. Although he did make some very valid points about the way Miss Lust dresses and behaves in front of her students. He claims Miss Lust is very flirty with the boys and the way she dresses makes the boys excited. I looked over at Miss Lust, standing there in an white blouse unbuttoned from the neck to the chest, a very short black leather skirt, sheer black nylon tights and thigh high boots. I very much understood what school boy N was saying! I felt it appropriate that Miss Lust should also be reprimanded. I tied school boy N to his school chair and told Miss Lust to bend over the desk.  Me and school boy N could see right up her tiny leather skirt, she didn’t even have any underwear on! No wonder the boys in her class couldn’t concentrate. I pulled up her skirt and spanked her peachy round bottom, I couldn’t see if her bottom was going red through her tights, so I got a pair of scissors and cut them open at the crotch, putting 2 fingers inside her nylons and ripped a big hole, exposing her bottom. It was red and her nylons felt damp where her pussy had been sat. It became very apparent that she enjoyed seeing her pupil been spanked and caned, maybe she enjoyed been spanked, maybe she enjoyed both! clearly she is just as perverted as school boy N. I put on a strap-on and fed a black 9ish thick cock through my belt, Miss Lust still bent over the school desk I stuffed it straight into her tight wet pussy. Holding her waist just rocking her on my cock, once balls deep I grabbed her hair and fucked her hard over the desk till she was screaming and cumming all over my black cock. All in full view of school boy N who could barley contain his excitement at seeing his teacher get her comeuppance. 


To find Miss Harley on her Adultwork follow the link for more information on her services

Double Trouble 27/4/22

Dominatrix, Mistress, Yorkshire
Double Domme Day in Halifax, West Yorkshire at The Yorkshire Fetish Box. Myself & Miss Harley Lust offer a combination of sessions, a mixture of Double Domination, girl on girl cuckold & Miss Harley does partake in subgirl sessions. All just as exhilarating & satisfying, you would be foolish not to snap this offer up quickly before all the spaces are taken.  A well equipped & established Dungeon Studio, very secluded with private car park & wash facilities. Deposit is required. Book fast to avoid disappointment

New Latex

Latex Mistress, Professional Mistress, Professional Dominatrix
Mistresses new shiny black latex outfits have arrived from Honour. A plunge mini dress, showing maximum amount of cleavage & a sleeveless catsuit. I do love the full catsuit look but sometimes I feel its a little much in sessions. Mistress sweating her tits off whilst sodomizing some poor bugger! Not a good look, unless of course sweating is your thing, who am I to judge.

New Boobies/9 weeks post-op

Yorkshire Mistress, Yorkshire Dominatrix, BDSM Yorkshire
Today 4/1/21 I am 9 weeks post-op from having breast augmentation. After losing 4 and a half stone I felt after all my hard work it was the reward at the end of all my efforts. It was a much more difficult recovery than I anticipated but 9 weeks in I absolutely love them. Mistress is very much looking forward to shopping for new lingerie for my new assets.

Mistress Eliza Lou’s Birthday

Yorkshire Mistress
Mistress Eliza Lou’s Birthday was fabulous in every way. Not because I was showered with lavish gifts! I spent it at The Yorkshire Fetish Box painting the Dungeon, putting up new LED lights. The Yorkshire Fetish Box to me is like having a birthday everyday. It’s my whole world! And of course whilst I was working hard, as any Goddess should be, I was spoilt aswell.

Dont Be Fooled! This IS NOT Mistress Eliza Lou

This account is NOT Mistress Eliza Lou, if you are on twitter please block and report this account! This person is using my pictures/content to scam people in the name of findom…which btw I DO NOT cater for. Other than money, I personally dont get anything from findom! If its from 1 of my slaves thats different, as i have a genuine connection with them and session along side any tribute or gift. I have nothing against people who enjoy findom, just personally its not for me. & as ive come to learn it certainly opens up a whole lot of opportunity for people to be scammed! So unfortunately i am going to have to start watermarking my content with my website & phone number….so whom ever this con artist is…thankyou for the free promotion. Please dont be fooled, do your research on a Domme before parting with any cash. A professional Dominatrix will have a website, links to Domme Directories. Not just a few pictures on social media. Always do your homework

Merry Mistress Special Kinkmas Offer

Yorkshire Mistress
Mistress Eliza Lou loves a very Merry Kinkmas. From the 21st of December until the 5th of January i have a very special offer on sessions. Contact me for more details

Suspension From The Ceiling

Suspension is now fully fitted in the pink paradise playroom. Mistress Eliza has a Fetters bondage body harness & Fetters suspension bondage wrist & foot cuffs. Another lockdown purchase! But certainly makes a fabulous addition to The Yorkshire Fetish Box 

Lock Down Purchase

The main Dungeon chamber at The Yorkshire Fetish Box
Extensively well equipped Dungeon Chamber at The Yorkshire Fetish Box in Halifax. Mistress Eliza purchased a Fetters combination Dungeon during lockdown