2 hours CBT with laughing boy

I had already had a fun chat with this sub on the phone once he had paid a deposit & I knew before hand that we was going to really enjoy our session together. Im going to name him “laughing boy” although he didnt do much laughing once we got into the full throws of our session. It didnt take me long to have him undressed and presenting him self to me for inspection. I always like to see what a slave has to offer and how full their balls are. Especially with a CBT session, all adds to the excitement & torment. I dragged him by the cock & pushed him down to sit on the cross. I collared his neck, restrained each limb with leather cuffs & most importantly tied his cock & balls tightly in a ribbon. The pre-cum was already dripping from the tip of his penis, what a way to present yourself to Mistress? It only calls for 1 thing….Punishment! I attached the electrostim machine to his penis, close to the tip, the most sensitive part! I proceeded to taunt and tease as I turned the electric up & down. 1 minuet he was squealing and the next he was gasping in euphoria. With the electrics still on, I inserted an S hook through his cock tie & 1 by 1 placed all my balls weights on. Each time, kicking it, swinging the weights around as it got heavier & heavier just adding to his suffering. The shining twinkle in my eyes must have shone like a diamond as i got more & more excited with each weight that i placed onto the S hook.

Id heard enough of his squealing & decided I wanted to go 1 step further! I got laughing boy on the trample board tied spread eagle in between the bondage frame. I stood over him in my thigh high black boots, he had no clue what was coming next. I started to stamp on and trample on his cock & balls, he was really screaming then. I couldnt help but laugh! He started to look a little cold to me, now personally I like a warm slave. What better way to warm him up than to take a hot hair dryer to his cock & balls, needless to say it really did the trick.

He was now ready to be placed into my CBT board. I tied it so tightly & took a step back to admire my subject. I reached for a candle & lit it as he watched on in fear. He looked so vulnerable lying there so helpless. I walked around him as the candle gathered the melting wax. Out of no where I lent over & poured the hot wax that had collected all down the shaft of his cock. Wow the screams were so ear piercing! Not that anyone will hear you deep down in the dungeon but I sat my arse right across his face anyway to muffle any cries. As i sat there smoothing his face, drip by drip I covered his plump, tight balls in hot wax aswell. The best bit about hot wax play is when its dried & goes hard. I enjoy whipping it off with some form of implement. I chose the horse riding crop today. Each lash makes the wax crack and peel, it’s my favorite way to get the melted wax off my slaves.

Id seen enough of this slaves face & genitals, I wondered what an inspection from behind would have to offer! I got him restrained on my whipping bench, face down, arse up! I gave him a very gentle whipping whilst he counted each lash “1 thankyou Mistress, I will not dribble pre-cum” “2 thankyou Mistress, I will not dribble pre-cum” & so on. I then spread his red bottom cheeks and spat right inside his fuck hole! He told me he was a virgin…well that was like a lioness stumbling upon pray! Taking a guys virginity is the ultimate power trip for me. I eased open his tight hole, ready to give it a good hard pounding, i grabbed his collar pulling him down onto my strapon, forcing his to fuck it! I fucked him so hard, I literally fucked the cum right out of him!  I really did take all his man hood away! I felt so satisfied. What a fabulous first session with laughing boy.


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